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GemFind has launched a new online tool for jewelry retailers, diamond dealers and ring manufacturers called Ring Builder™ that can be fully customized and seamlessly integrated into any retailers’ website. It allows jewelers or ring manufacturers to upload engagement ring mountings and ring settings online, while customers can choose from loose diamonds in a virtual inventory to design their own engagement rings.

Jewelry retailers looking to jump-start their online sales of diamonds and engagement rings RingBuilder_brochure in 2010 can now seamlessly incorporate a new easy-to-use online tool into their existing website. GemFind’s new Ring Builder™ allows consumers to choose from a huge selection of loose diamonds from a virtual inventory to create their own engagement rings and engagement ring mountings. It is an affordable subscription-based online tool for the jewelry industry that will increase sales as well as market exposure for online retailers, diamond dealers and ring manufacturers.


GemFind’s new Ring Builder™ offers jewelry industry professionals the following benefits:

  • Ring Builder™ can be fully customized to match any existing website. Any color, logo or company name can be incorporated into Ring Builder™ to provide seamless branding.
  • Any jeweler or ring manufacturer can upload their own their own ring mountings and settings by following GemFind’s specifications. All jewelers can upload their own loose diamonds and mountings to Ring Builder™.
  • Ring Builder™ is easy-to-use and fully integrated with an extensive virtual inventory of loose diamonds from GemFind.net and participating diamond dealers. This allows customers to select from the greatest inventory of loose diamonds and design their own ring online.
  • Integration with a jeweler’s existing shopping cart is easy.
  • Customers can design their own engagement rings from single diamond solitaires to three stone rings – from a variety of participating diamond dealers.
  • GemFind.net has also partnered with Casting House in Chicago that will create customers’ designs for engagement ring mountings.


The GemFind Network has created the GemFind Ring Builder™ (GF Ring Builder™), a flexible, brandable tool that lets your users create their own diamond rings online using diamonds from your online inventory. This lets them see their ring and determine the shape and size of the diamond(s) that best complete the look they want. You can embed the Ring Builder directly and seamlessly into your website or you can pop it up in a window. The Ring Builder can be branded with your name and title, can be sized to fit your website layout, can be colored to match your website and of course link to your online diamond inventory.

Diamond Dealers

The GemFind Ring Builder™ will allow retailers’ customers to preview and design their own one and three stone rings, thereby aiding retailers in their sales efforts. This value-added tool will strengthen your relationships with these retailers through increased sales and customer satisfaction. Not only will retailers be able to offer your diamonds over the Internet but they will be able to let consumers build rings with your diamonds.

Ring Manufacturers

The GemFind Ring Builder™ is a direct avenue for you to the consumer. Partnering with GemFind to include your popular one and three stone wedding and engagement rings in the GemFind Ring Builder™ not only lets consumers build their rings on retailers sites, but it increases your product and market exposure while allowing us to provide a tool that will ultimately help build your relationships with retailers and drive new business. If your settings are available to retailers when they set up their Ring Builder, they will be able to choose rings they carry or can order, or they may be prompted to establish a relationship with you so that they may offer your rings to their customers.

GemFind Ring Builder™ Specifications

All images of settings must comply with these specifications below to ensure the best final appearance in the GemFind Ring Builder™. Review these specifications, and contact us with any additional questions.

Physical Image Specifications:

Image Size:400 x 400 pixels

File Format: JPG (jpeg) format – please do NOT optimize.

Color Depth: Full color. 24-bit, 16.7 million colors (do not use 32-bit color )

File Name: Please name each image file in lowercase and include your item/model number.

Image Layout Specifications:

Background color: White or extremely light colored back ground. White preferred.

Ring status: Take picture of setting without findings/prongs.

Ring angle: Looking at ring from top down angle, top of ring must be rotated away from you thirty degrees (30°) – take picture straight down from top (12 o’clock) with ring at that angle. No left or right turning of the ring. See example.

Ring size within the image: There should be between 10 and 40 pixels between the left and right edges of the image and left and right edges of the ring setting.

Center stone location: Top center of the digital image.

Picture Taking Process:

Catalog file of your images: Along with your image files, we will need a text file or MS Word document with detail information for each setting. Information for one ring setting per line please. Separate data field by “|” pipe symbol. Click here for a sample file.


Lighting recommendations: Take pictures in an environment with bright diffused or indirect lighting from several sources (overhead & sides). Direct spot lights on the ring setting will generate excessive unwanted glares and light refraction. Set up sufficient light sources so that no flash is required.

Camera recommendations: Try to take pictures using a digital camera with an image resolution of around 1280 x 1024 pixels (1.3 megapixels) or 1024 x 768 pixels (0.8 megapixels). This will keep file size manageable and is more than sufficient considering the final image size of 400 x 400 pixels. You do not need a $1000, five mega-pixel camera to take good images. Do not use the flash (see lighting recommendations above). Use a small tripod for stability and constant camera angle, and take all images in a single session. Use the zoom a bit to permit moving the camera housing away from the ring and prevent shadows. Use the same zoom setting for each image.

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