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For over 20 years now GemFind has provided jewelry website development to independent jewelers like you. We are a jewelry technology company, and we only work with independent jewelers and jewelry manufacturers

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Jewelry Ecommerce Websites

Award Winning Websites

GemFind not only provides state-of-the-art web design and development but we will also host your website on our fast, reliable network servers. Unlike some of our competitors, websites hosted on the GemFind Network are constantly monitored for optimal performance and have multiple redundancy features implemented to prevent downtime.

We Make Your Website Work Everywhere.

We understand the needs of the independent jeweler and the retail jewelry customer better than anyone else out there. A combination of improved search engine results, alluring visual aesthetics, and intuitive, engaging website designs are essential to your business’s success. GemFind knows what it takes to boost your store’s website into the top tier within your market.

Jewelry Website Development for Mobile Platforms.

The GemFind development team is comprised of Microsoft™ Certified developers that can create your site in any format you desire…HTML, ASP, .NET, CGI, CFM…and on any platform…Windows NT™, Windows 2000™, UNIX. 

Jewelry Ecommerce Websites

What Clients Say About GemFind Web Design:

We were using a marketing company out of NY, and were not satisfied with the results. We came a cross a GemFind webinar during COVID shutdown. We talked with Alex several times, and after a couple months decided to make the change and join teams with GemFind. Since we started working together, our business has had a substantial increase. Working with Emily and her team with designing a new website, then with Mason and his team on a marketing strategy, we have been very pleased. Michael in support has been very helpful and flexible with any help that I have needed.Thank you Alex and the GemFind team for your support and help!!!!!Highly recommend GemFind!!RobSouth Shore Diamond Exchange
An incredible, diligent team that helped us through every hurdle in building our site! They kept all our requests in mind and really worked hard to develop a website for us that personalized our brand and offering.
Shiva's Marketing
Shiva's Marketing
21:26 24 Feb 21
Our company worked with Gemfind for a few months and were very pleased with the high quality website they produced for us. They were communicated well with our team and produced a high-functioning and good looking website. I would recommend working with them to others.
Jordan Keller
Jordan Keller
19:50 22 Jan 21
Brendon and crew did a fabulous job with our website, response time was always quick with any changes we requested. This is a 100 percent professional company with the knowledge and expertise to put together the perfect site for any jewelry business, the advice and direction given by the team along with the "why" it's done the way they do it, is a nice change of pace from previous website company experiences. I Highly recommend GemFind and am looking forward to continuing our SEO and Optimization as we move forward. I'm available for anyone considering this company for more information on our experience with GemFind.
Jeff Schmidt
Jeff Schmidt
16:48 21 Jan 21
Switching digital agencies from a local company to GemFind was one of the best marketing decisions we've ever made at James & Sons Fine Jewelers. The results we see in our Google Analytics are so impressive that we never could have imagined seeing these results with our past agency! When I was searching for a jewelry specific digital agency, it was important for me to find a team I was comfortable with. A team that was quick, listened to my ideas/ direction, and also provided guidance without being too pushy. Anthony, Mason, and Daniel all fit that description and have been extremely responsive.
Courtney Buechele
Courtney Buechele
20:21 22 Oct 20

Why Choose Our Jewelry Website Development Services?

With lots of competition in the industry, here are the top reasons why you should choose GemFind Web Design’s jewelry ecommerce websites your business.

+20 Years Of Experience

GemFind Web Design has been helping jewelry stores with web development and marketing for over 20 years.

Jewelry Industry Experts

Our digital marketing experts have sucessfully worked with over +200 stores in the jewelry industry.

Competitive Pricing

You are always getting the best pricing possible to ensure your jewelry store gets an amazing ROI.

Dedicated Account Manager

When you sign up for an ecommerce jewelry website, you are assigned a decidcated account manager who will work with your jewelry business.

Beautiful Website Designs

At GemFind Web Design, we design some of the most beautiful websites that also convert users into customers.

Amazing Support

When you choose to get a website with GemFind Web Design, you are given professional 24/7 website support to ensure that your website is always running smoothly.

Our Jewelry Web Development Process

Want more information on GemFind Web Designs amazing jewelry website development services? If so, here is some more information and details about the state of the art websites we develop.


The old saying goes that a journey of a thousand miles begins with that first step (or something close to that!). This first step is the key in determining the overall success of the final product. First you need to determine how much of your overall marketing budget you are going to spend on this, the most important piece, of your marketing plan. How much do you have to spend, and what goals can you achieve with that budget in mind. Next, who is your target customer? Are you a primarily bridal store? Are watches a big part of your overall business. Your website needs to be a reflection of your existing business strengths in order to enhance and improve on what you are already doing. If you sell bridal the most, then your website should reflect that, you should be showing a searchable loose diamond inventory. Do you sell and promote a house brand diamond first a foremost? Then you should include your house brand as part of your site. If you sell a large selection of watches in the store, then you should have a watch selection online as well. Next, what is your stores image in your community? Are you the Luxury destination? Then you will need to provide that same luxury experience online. If you are the Value leader in your area, then similarly, you can focus on that type of experience online. Now you should look at what types of online experiences your competitors are providing. You need to at least keep up with what the guy down the street is doing, and hopefully blow him or her away. Other decisions that need to be considered are: ecommerce, do you want to just show product online, or provide the ability to purchase online as well. Vendor managed inventories and your own inventory: do you want to show only a selection of the brands that you carry, with the data managed by the vendors themselves, or do you want to highlight your own “in stock” inventories or the “house brand”. These are all questions that need to be addressed in conjunction with your marketing firm and your technology provider (hopefully GemFind!) Meetings with the marketing firm or in house team. Research in the local market. Discussions with GemFind. Comparable Example sites, Model sites / etc.


Interviews with the clients, mails and supporting docs by the client, Discussions Notes, Online chat, Model sites / applications etc.


Work plan
Cost involved,
Team requirements
Supporting documents and
the approval.


A Preliminary specification is drawn based on the requirements analysis. The type of website to be developed: ecommerce or non-ecommerce, templated or custom. The specific modules to be included in the site are specified: Diamond Link, Bridal Link, Watch Link, Vendor Managed Inventories, in house inventories, and whatever else can be included based on the wish list and the budget. After reviewing and approving the preliminary specification document, a written proposal is prepared, outlining the scope of the project including responsibilities, timelines and costs.


Reports from the analysis team.


Complete requirement specifications to the individuals and the customer/customer’s representative.


Working from the completed project specification, work on the web site is begun. The layouts and navigation will be designed as a prototype. A website index is developed, showing each page of the site, and the navigation paths between those pages. Product categories are identified and created. Brand pages are developed for existing brands and integrated into the brands allowed online strategy. Some brands may use an imbedded site, others may allow you to create any experience you like. All of these pieces need to be worked out and an overall layout of the complete site is developed.

There can be a lot of suggestions and changes from you, the customer, at this point. All the changes to the basic navigation and category structure need to be finalized before moving into the coding phase.

Also during the design phase, the customer will develop the necessary data and images to incorporate their in house inventory and loose diamonds on the site, If this is part of the overall plan. This will also include providing access to the vendors that are going to supply product to your site. We will work with them to incorporate them into the GemFind exclusive vendor managed inventory system and make their products available to your site with no effort on your part what so ever.


Reports from the analysis team.


Complete requirement specifications to the individuals and the customer/customer’s representative.


This phase is where the customer will provide the content for the informational pages on the site. These will include the “About us” , “Contact Us”, any staff pages and other company stories/visions/histories that are to be included in the site. The customer will also provide any images of the store or staff that are to be used as well. In addition to the Company information, This is also where and education and industry content sections are to be developed. There are professional content developers who can write industry specific and relevant content for the site. While Content writing occurs at this point in the project, Content is also a critical component to the ongoing maintenance and updating of the site in step 8. Not only do staff changes and special holiday hours need to be updated on continuing basis, but industry content needs to be updated frequently to keep the site fresh as well. Your site needs to reflect each and every holiday and special in-store event as well. ongoing


Designed template.


Site with formatted content.


Now we take the site design with the formatted content and actually build it as a working website. Domains are created and moved. Databases are created and populated with vendor data and your in house data. The site is hosted. A fully functional website is created on a private domain that can then be test and configured in the next phase before going “Live” and replacing your existing site.


The site with forms and the requirement specification.


Database driven functions with the site, Coding documents.


Websites need extensive testing, especially as the level of customization increases. Link testing, load testing, browser compatibility and integration with third party systems, whether they be merchant accounts or brand micro sites. These things are all tested at this point. This is also the point where the customer will configure all aspects of their site. These include creating users on the back-end, choosing vendors and selection products to be displayed. Setting pricing and minimum qualities of loose diamonds. The Configuration phase is where the customer really has to jump back in and take responsibly for getting their system ready to go LIVE.

After doing all the testing the site goes live by basically changing the private domain to the actual customer’s domain. Then you are up!


The site, Requirement specifications, supporting documents, technical specifications and technical documents.


Completed application/site, testing reports, error logs, frequent interaction with the developers and designers.


These next two steps are really ongoing and should never really be thought of as completed. There is another famous saying out there, that says: “If you build it, they will come!” While that may hold true for corn field baseball parks, it is definitely not the case for websites. Building a fantastic website is only the beginning. Now you have to market it! This is really where the bulk of the money you invest in this area of marketing will go. There are many ways to promote your website and drive traffic to it, and then ultimately to your store. These include SEO, Cross marketing with other sites in your market, Banner ads and so on. The explanation of these methods is beyond the scope of this document. Luckily, GemFind is an expert in all of these things and many more. We will work closely with you to track your sites performance and apply the proper marketing tools to make it phenomenally successful!


Site with content, Client mails mentioning the competitors.


Site submission with necessary meta tag preparation


Web sites will need frequent updates to keep them fresh and timely. Your site should prominently reflect every major holiday and in store promotion that you have. A site that has frequent content updates not only tracks higher on search engines, but naturally attracts customers back to the site because they know they are going to experience something different the next time. You also need to start thinking of your web presence as an ongoing, evolving tool. Your site needs to grow in functionality over time in the same way that you need to offer your customers new and exciting styles of jewelry every year. Don’t just build it and leave it sit there to get stale. Build your site and constantly change and improve your site and you will see the rewards very quickly.


Site/Application, content/functions to be updated, re-Analysis reports.


Updated application, supporting documents to other life cycle steps and teams.

Providing Jewelry Website Design Services For Over 20 Years!

GemFind Web Design has been providing professional jewelry website development services to the jewelry industry for over a decade. During this time we have build hundreds of stunning websites for our customers. This has led us to developing a process that produces unparalleled customer experience and expertise in developing jewelry ecommerce websites that will amaze you customers.