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GemFind specializes in business, promotional and e-commerce sites for the jewelry industry. From attractive menu-driven template sites to custom designed e-commerce sites, GemFind provides a wide range of Internet development services designed to meet the needs of any size company or any budget.

GemFind not only provides state-of-the-art web design and development but we will also host your website on our fast, reliable network servers. Unlike some of our competitors, websites hosted on the GemFind Network are constantly monitored for optimal performance and have multiple redundancy features implemented to prevent downtime.

The GemFind development team is comprised of Microsoft™ Certified developers that can create your site in any format you desire…HTML, ASP, .NET, CGI, CFM…and on any platform…Windows NT™, Windows 2000™, UNIX.

Calhoun Jewelers WebsiteMartin Binder WebsiteYael Designs Website

Website Development FAQs:

Q: How much does it cost to develop a website for my jewelry business?

A: GemFind has website packages starting at only $2999.00.

Q: I want to sell diamonds online but I don’t have an extensive inventory. Does GemFind have a solution?

A: Our GemFind Diamond Link gives the jeweler the ability to sell diamonds from dealers around the country directory from his website. Click here to learn more about the GemFind Diamond Link.

Q: Our company has an in-house webmaster but we need assistance in implementing our site?

A: Let one of our professional developers help you launch your online business correctly. Call 800-373-4373 for more information.

Q: We need to take pictures of our inventory but don’t know where to start. Can you help?

A: We sure can! We’ve put together a list of Digital Photography Recommendations showing you how to easily get started taking GREAT pictures of product for your website.

Q: I’ve built (or am building) a great website. How will people find it?

A: They won’t. YOU HAVE TO TELL THEM ABOUT IT! “If you build it they will come”, couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to websites. Website promotion is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of building and maintaining a website. You’re going to have to spend some money on telling people about your site, once you’ve had it built. Get used to that idea. You can’t build a new jewelry store and not tell people about it. The same is true for your website. Find out how you can promote your website without breaking the budget.All about website promotion

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